Ventana uses both Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 Server Operating Systems (both of which are now no longer supported by Microsoft) and the SQL Server database. Ventana was developed by Midshires who were acquired by Henry Schein in 2010

Our Ventana customers benefit from many features and modules that are available with the Ventana PMS including:

  • Shared a central database
  • Electronic ordering with all the major Veterinary Wholesalers
  • Stock control with full batch traceability
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Lab results

Ventana was designed for high performance, reliability and ease of use and has many loyal customers who still use it. Due to its age a lot of practices using Ventana will start to experience issues with the system running slow. This will primarily be down to older servers being used and their inability to cope with the PMS. Sometimes this can be resolved by installing a new, larger server, freeing up space for the PMS and your other files. Backup is absolutely vital for our legacy products; older servers are much more likely to fail and therefore are much more likely to require full system recovery.

More and more of our Ventana customers are moving away from the system to a more modern PMS but we remain committed to supporting those who choose not to upgrade at this time.

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