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Accurate addresses allow you to deliver your message every time, helping you communicate effectively with your clients. Thanks to our award-winning partner, PCA Predict, you'll always have access to the most up-to-date Royal Mail address data available.

  • Cleanse

    • A one-off service to validate and Cleanse your existing client addresses against correct Royal Mail data, making old as good as new. We'll do this all for you in conjunction with our partner, PCA Predict.
    • Reduce time spent manually correcting addresses that contain spelling errors or are missing essential elements, such as a postcode.
    • Stop wasting money on incorrectly addressed marketing, reminders and other client communications.
  • Smart Address
  • Capture

    • Simply begin typing any part of a UK address in RoboVet and instantly see possible matches appear on your screen. Select your chosen address and you'll see it populate your client's record with correct Royal Mail data.
    • Speed up the client registration process at every terminal in the Practice, without compromising on accuracy.
    • Get accurate address data, even if you make minor spelling mistakes, at the point of entry for all future client addresses.

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