Premvet is still used by many of our customers who find it robust and reliable. It uses an older Operating System called SCO UNIX which is very different to the normal environment that most third party support companies will be used to; that’s why we’re best placed to provide the technical support for the Premvet product.

Our Premvet customers benefit from many features and modules that are available with the Premvet PMS including:

  • Lab results
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Backup monitoring tool
  • VetEnvoy
  • Postcode Address Finder (PAF)

Despite its age, Premvet is still functional and supports many practices at reception, when consulting, in the lab, in the stockroom, for running reports and processing accounts. Its versatility means that ensuring backups are run and monitored are vital, a lot of our Premvet customers are using older server models and it’s likely that they’re beginning to feel their age. As the server may be an older model, to ensure that it can be recovered to the last time it was backed up you need to ensure that your technical support team have relevant experience with SCO UNIX to get you back up and running.

More and more of our Premvet customers are moving away from the system to a more modern PMS but we remain committed to supporting those who choose not to upgrade at this time.

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