Tips and tricks to prepare your veterinary practice for a software switch

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Is it high time you improved your veterinary practice software? For many, making the switch to new software can seem like a daunting prospect. You’ve probably come up with a number of reasons to stick with your old, outdated software. Whether you’re worried about the hassle of making a change, concerned about something going wrong or just don’t have time to think about the practicality of switching – fear not, we’ve got everything covered right here.

Do your research

Decide from the start what your ‘must-haves’ are. By talking to your staff, you’re likely to get a feel for the kinds of problems and issues they face with your current practice software. Make a list of what your existing software does well, and equally, where you feel it’s lacking.

Do some research into what cutting edge practice management software could do for your business. Do you need to be able to share information with other practices in a more efficient way? Could you benefit from storing your images digitally in an animal’s file? Is your data as secure as it could be? Investigate your options before you take the plunge.

Rally the troops

With any type of change, getting your staff on side is an important aspect of a successful transition. If there’s any resistance to change among practice staff, highlight the numerous benefits of the new software and your reasons for deciding to switch. Hearing the positive side of a software switch is sure to inspire some enthusiasm.

Delegating certain elements of a software switch to different team members can help when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. Assigning the technical aspects to your IT person and the medical records to your client services employee can give each member of staff a sense of ownership.

Take a test drive

Try your new software out for size before you make the full switch. If you know an existing practice already using the type of software you have in mind, get in touch and ask if you can see it in action. Or if you have multiple practices, consider making the switch in just one practice, before the others, as a form of beta-launch.

Train your staff

Knowledge is power – which is why we offer extensive training and support to practices adopting our technology. Take a look at our knowledge library, which is jam-packed full of information about using our practice management software. We also offer training schools to help you get the very best out of our software. Pre-launch, make sure all your staff are confident using the new system.

Making the switch

Preparation is the key to making sure switch day goes successfully. Inform all your staff of the day of switch over and let them know exactly what to expect.

You might also want to consider telling your customers about the software switch too. Whether you decide to put up posters in your practice, or send out an email informing anyone with an appointment that day – clear communication about the switch will lead to more patient, understanding customers.

What happens next?

After care is a big deal to us. Which is why we have a team of fully trained technicians ready to help you out whenever you need them.

We understand taking on new software can be a tricky time, when all staff need to be quickly brought up to speed to feeling confident using the new system. Our live call answering team are here to support you and help you make the most out of your new software.

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