Send recall and appointment reminders by autoSMS!

With 5000 SMS text messages being sent within the UK every second, ‘texting’ has quickly become one of the most common and popular forms of communication amongst the young and old alike.

It is thought that 86% of adults in the UK now own a mobile phone. As technology and functionality advances most busy individuals in today’s hectic Britian would be lost for a day without their mobile!

The SMS text message has almost removed the need for many conversations to take place due to the sheer convenience of them to both the sender and recipient of the message.

Many service providers send a courtesy reminder text for approaching appointments which for the small price of the text message greatly reduces the expense of ‘no show’ clients and adds a personal touch to communications.

In RoboVet appointment reminder and recall reminder texts can be generated automatically at the press of a button and so do not impinge on the time of your busy reception staff. The recall reminder text saving you £’s on the cost of the traditional postage stamp.

Free hand texts can also be sent for example should a vet be on a farm visit where he may have no mobile phone signal or it may not be convenient for him to speak. Likewise you can value to your client bond by texting to advise of progress of their pets following an operation or offering pre and post op aftercare advice.

To really understand the potential and value of this simple yet incredibly effective module please contact us to begin your free SMS text message trial.

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