Local User Group Programme Announced

Vetsolutions announce Local User Group Programme

Vetsolutions has announced the launch of a new series of events aimed at helping their users, better understand the latest advances within RoboVet. With a rolling programme of new releases, RoboVet is constantly being updated with new features and this latest initiative will keep users abreast of changes, which can radically improve their practice.

The next Local User Group from the planned programme will be held on Thursday 23 May 2013, 7pm – 9pm at Wood Vet Group Gloucester and features experts from Vetsolutions who will present and lead discussions on the practical application of RoboVet’s latest features.

Designed to increase understanding about how the many innovations within RoboVet can improve the efficiency and profitability of a practice, the evening will conclude with a Training Masterclass, covering those topics of most relevance to the audience, based on feedback gathered from attendees in advance. The informal format of the evening provides a valuable opportunity for users to network with others, ask questions and learn more about how to get the most from RoboVet.

The following topics will be covered:

Market research feedback – Vetsolutions’ MD Greg Clay will share the findings of our latest market research study

What’s new in RoboVet – a run through the new features in the latest releases FP12, 13 & 14

Online Booking – an insightful look into how on-line booking can have a significant impact on your practice by helping you attract new clients

EazyPay – one of RoboVet’s most recent integration innovations, EazyPay saves time and reduces manual errors associated with credit card payments

DI and Dragonfly – a demonstration of the ease of use and power of Dragonfly’s full integration with Digital Imaging hardware

Training Masterclass – covering those topics of most relevance to the audience

To reserve places at this free of charge event, simply email usergroups@vetsolutions.co.uk detailing your practice name and the number of places you wish to reserve, alternatively please call Laura on 0131 556 0555, option 4. Non Vetsolutions users are welcomed to attend. breast cancer and the girls are already planning for next year’s event

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