Latest Release of RoboVet Available

Vetsolutions announce that feature pack 13 is now available for all RoboVet5 users. “This latest release includes some important improvements to existing functionality to make your life in practice easier.” Says Managing Director, Greg Clay.

Detailed information on all new functionality can be found in the ‘What’s new in FP13’ help document here which is recommended to be read before upgrading. Key feature enhancements include the following:

  • Capturing accurate batch number and expiry information. Finding the batch when selling products has now been made simpler. By scanning a barcode the batch ID and expiry date information can now be automatically populated. For those already using RoboVet for stock control, you can also now create a batch when you are selling a product so you are no longer limited to selling those already added to your product list.
  • Order processing –With this release it is now possible to process a web retrieved delivery file containing valuable stock information even if you have not used RoboVet to initiate your order with your wholesaler. We have also made it possible for users to highlight any items they have returned to the wholesaler ensuring stock levels are accurate!
  • New reporting confidentiality – You will already be aware of the range of reports that RoboVet can provide. As some of these reports contain sensitive financial information, FP13 now allows you to be able to restrict access to certain types of reports providing greater security so you are confident that you can give your staff access to run reminder reports but restrict financial information! Whilst we’re on the subject of reminders we’ve also added new filters to the List Animal Reminders report so you can have better management of who has received their reminder already and when the reminder was sent.
  • Importing your purchase discounts. RoboVet can store up to three purchase discounts against a product. As these discounts can change regularly it can be time consuming amending each individual product discount. We are able to now provide the ability to import these from a file generated by your wholesaler so they are visible in your wholesaler library allowing you to automatically update product discounts in your stock list.
  • Schemes – Scheme discounts can now be applied to products that you have assigned a recommended retail price!

The enhancements are in addition to those in FP12 which included features such as email communication, the new communication tab, Best Practice Barometer and our Online Appointment Booking module, all of which are making a real difference to practice’s already.

To organise your free upgrade please call our RoboVet support team on 0131 556 0555 or email them at

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