Expansion continues

We’re delighted to announce and welcome four new additions to the Customer Support Team here at Vetsolutions HQ in Edinburgh.

Stewart Couper
Margaret Robertson
Kirsten Park
Simon McLeod

Stewart, Margaret, Kirsten and Simon will undergo an intensive four week training programme to allow them to deal with key customer demands and will join their colleagues on Monday 24 August.

When in place, they will make up our “Front Line” team as part of a new tiered support structure and will play a key role in delivering technical assistance to your practice when you need it.

The support teams have been structured into two separate teams, headed up by two Team Leaders, Eddie Marshall and Paul Lewis. The teams have been equally balanced to accommodate the new starters and existing skill sets whilst providing a first, second and third line support network. We are also working hard on defining a new process of working between our first and second line support which will result in a more efficient and streamlined call answering and handover piece.

We have recently introduced new metrics and KPIs to the team and this combined with the above will start to see the time being taken to answer calls reduce, call backs being made more efficiently and the overall customer experience being enhanced.

These developments are ongoing; however results should be visible over the next few months and certainly into the last quarter of the year.

This is a very exciting time for Vetsolutions, as we continue to grow we strive to remain adaptable, motivated and responsive to our customers. We are continuously transforming the way we operate to continuously improve our ability to deliver exceptional customer service.

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