Digital Image Integration

Vetsolutions, the UK’s largest practice management system supplier, has launched Dragonfly, the first fully integrated digital imaging workflow and storage system for users of its flagship software package, RoboVet. Dragonfly helps practitioners improve efficiency, reduce duplication and add value to their service portfolio.

“With a growing number of practices upgrading x-ray and other imaging modalities with digital devices, we have set out to meet the demand for software that truly integrates the practice management system with these imaging tools” says Vetsolutions Managing Director, Julian Bryan. “We have developed a single powerful system that integrates with all verified imaging modules and delivers the resulting studies to one central database within the practice and linked to the animal’s clinical record.”

“Typically Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) such as this operate independently of the practice management system but our new development delivers integration right into the clinical records for each animal, giving the clinician a sole point of reference for all relevant data. The users can view and present digital studies to colleagues or clients at any suitable location within the practice” adds Julian.

Dragonfly, fully supported by Vetsolutions, provides user with a number of diagnostic and measuring tools, as well as web integration for image distribution across multiple branches or to referral specialists across the world. All images and documents are filed in the PACS to the international DICOM standard at all times.

For further information on DragonFly please contact sales on 0131 556 0555 or

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