Dangerous PC virus warning

There has been a significant rise in the number of businesses caught out by the ‘Cryptolocker’ ransomware. Cryptolocker is very dangerous as it is not a traditional virus and may be missed by your virus scanning software.

Many viruses will cause you some minor inconvenience by locking up your computer, displaying unwanted popups or turn your computer into a spambot. These issues can be overcome, however this new breed of malware has forced us to re-think how we look at viruses and disaster recovery.
Crypotolocker is a program classified as ‘ransomware’. Ransomware will lock up your computer and ask that you pay a fee, however Cryptolocker is different. This ransomware will display a countdown timer which will let you continue working until after the countdown is complete (typically after 72 hours) after which it is too late to recover your data.

How do you get infected with Cryptolocker?
Unfortunately it is very easy to get this ransomware on your computer and network. It generally spreads via a hoax email disguised as a complaint letter to the business with a PDF-looking document attached. Only open email attachments from trusted sources and be extra vigilant about spotting informal email addresses that look suspicious. Infection is also possible by visiting compromised or malicious websites.

What can you do to protect yourself from this ransomware?
You can recover your data from a backup. This means you will need to ensure you have a disaster recovery plan in place that will allow recovery of all of your critical files. As back up and disaster recovery are hard to manage please speak to a member of our support team on 0131 556 0555 who can help ensure your system is backed up appropriately and a disaster recovery plan is developed in case of a disaster such as a hardware failure or Cryptolocker.

It is also essential that you keep your systems patched and up to date including anti-virus software. Again any queries on this please contact a member of our support team by either calling them and a member of our team will help formulate a solutions for your business.

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