Cryptolocker Virus


Please do bear with us if you experience a delay in reaching our support team this morning. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented number of customers infected with the Cryptolocker virus (15 practices yesterday alone) we are experiencing much higher than normal call volumes.

Once again – can we reiterate how important it is to be vigilant around emails sent from unknown senders, they often come in disguised as an invoice. If in doubt, delete, delete, delete! And if you are not backing up, please get in touch with us for advice on the options open to you. If you are hit with Cryptolocker and have no backup, the impact your business is much more serious than for customers who we can reinstate to their last backup.

Cryptolocker is only an issue if you open the attachment (which often looks like a PDF)/click on the link. Whilst it is sophisticated enough to get through most antivirus systems it still relies on human intervention to have any impact on your system, i.e. receiving the email isn’t enough, someone has to interact with the email.

Please educate your staff on best practice in relation to emails. It is your responsibility to make them aware of the potential impact this virus can have and that every time you are hit by it, it will cost the practice down time, the cost of removal and the potential for complete data loss if you do not have a backup in place.

Contact your Account Executive on 0131 556 0555 if you require further detail on backup solutions.


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