How to use SMS to improve your veterinary practice’s profitability

For any veterinary practice to survive, it must stay ahead of the technology game. Increasingly practices are adopting new ways to connect and communicate with their customer base.

Many businesses nowadays use text message – or SMS (short message service) – to keep in touch with their customers. And many veterinary practices are getting on board with SMS and starting to reap the benefits.

Mobile phones, and smartphones in particular, are so integrated into most people’s daily routine. Sending a quick message is not only good for your business – customers often appreciate a gentle reminders of an appointment they might otherwise forget. After all, we all live busy lives.

How can SMS help my practice?

One of the most simple ways to avoid lost practice revenue, is to make sure you clients are turning up for their appointments. Sending a timely reminder of a forthcoming appointment, can significantly improve appointment attendance rates.

It’s perfect for patients with animals that require ongoing or special care. You could use automatic SMS to remind clients of upcoming worming or flea and tick treatment, annual vaccinations, pre-booked appointments or medication pick ups.

Therefore, in addition to saving your practice time and money, the text message reminders can also improve levels of customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Automatic SMS software can integrate with your practice management system to ensure customers’ information is always correct. Using specific details such as a pet’s name, its breed or even wishing a happy birthday can reflect particularly well on your practice. Likewise, if a pet passes away, the system can remove the client details and prevent any upsetting contact for the client. Getting the little details right is an incredibly important way to build trust with your customers.

Looking for a way to save time, money and effort? Then, look no further than automated SMS.

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