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Integrating blood test results from the in-house laboratory to the practice management system is now a simple step thanks to Vetsolutions’ new Lablink software.

Rather than retype results or store them on paper seperate to the computer systems, Lablink automatically transfers them from the laboratory instrument to the practice management system, and attaches them to the appropriate animal record.

The benefits are huge with time saved, accuracy enhanced and less paper wasted. Results can be viewed on screen with appropriate bar charts for interpretation at a glance. Even better, results are synchronised between branches, so they can be reviewed wherever you are in the practice! The software is now compatible with a range of Idexx, QCR VetScan, Woodley, Synermed, Nikon, Horiba and Menarini analysers.

Lablink supports a plethora of laboratory instruments with each potentially having a different interface and complicated wiring protocol. The advantage of Lablink is that it overcomes these challenges by providing the right communcation cable kits appropriately configured for each instrument. What’s more, the software is capable of interfacing with a multitude of different devices simultaneously.

The only requirement is for the Lablink software to be installed on a PC located in close proximity to the instrument. Appropriate ready-made cables are plugged in to the instrument and PC. The software requires a small amount of configuration to match up with the laboratory instrument but thereafter Lablink simply ‘listens’ to the laboratory instrument, waiting for results to arrive. As soon as they do, the results are transferred across the computer network to the practice server where they are automatically attached to the animal record.

If you would like to benefit from this seamless integration do call the sales team on 0131 556 0555.

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