5 ways to use technology to boost customer satisfaction

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Advances in technology mean you can run a more efficient veterinary practice than ever before. Harnessing the power of the latest software will improve not just productivity, but also how your customers see your practice. Keeping your customers satisfied is essential for ensuring return business and making a great name for yourself.

Here are five ways you can use technology to keep your customers happy…

Keep in touch

One of the most simple ways to stay in your clients’ good books, is to offer an electronic reminder service for when they need to book an appointment with you. We all lead busy lives and it’s all too easy to forget about booking a pet’s annual booster or other regular treatment. A reminder in the form of an email or text message can reassure your clients you have their best interests at heart and significantly improve appointment attendance.

Even better, you could send out a little message on your client’s pet’s birthday, or welcome new customers with a friendly note. Consistent, reliable communication is one of the key building blocks to establishing long, lasting relationships with your customers.

Make booking easy

How many times have you called up to make an appointment somewhere, only to find the phone just rings out? If clients find booking an appointment with your practice to be a hassle they can do without, chances are they’ll go elsewhere. The easier you make your booking process, the more likely they are to keep coming back to you.

Look into creating an online booking system. It’s a fast, simple way for your clients to see which appointments are available, whenever it suits them. An online booking system takes the hard work out of scheduling appointments for both your customers and staff.

Run an efficient practice

A satisfied customer is a customer that’s seen on time – every time. Use technology to support the day to day running of your veterinary practice and demonstrate your professionalism.

Choose a reliable Practice Management System, such as RoboVet, to deliver the highest possible level of care to your customers, while also ensuring your veterinary practice is profitable. The integrated features will help you offer your clients a smooth customer journey – from booking, to the appointment itself, followed by payment and aftercare.

Get faster results

Waiting for lab results to come back can be one of the most nerve wracking times for your customers. Don’t make them wait a moment longer than they have to, thanks to LabLink technology.

The sophisticated software will notify the vet as soon as lab results become available, whilst simultaneously adding the information to the client’s record card. This significantly reduces the time client’s have to wait to hear back – which should help alleviate at least some of their anxiety.

Know your patients

While a vet will see numerous animals over the course of a day, each customer that walks into your practice will expect their animal to receive the individual care and attention it deserves.

Having an animal’s full history available at the touch of a button can help you quickly prepare for your next patient. Using an integrated, digital system will allow you to get up to speed on any past treatment or issues an animal may have had. Our Dragonfly tool integrates digital images and scans into animal records, so you can access all the information you need at your fingertips.

Using reliable data backup is essential to keeping your customer’s information safe too. Our Data Vault software protects all of your important client data.

What technology will you use keep your customers happy?

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